Large pores

Are you worried about your pores? See what our experts have to say about this!

All about dilated pores


A pore: a tiny orifice that allows the excretion of sebum and sweat. A dilated pore is thus completely open and almost «discarded». It is located on the face on the cheeks, on both sides of the wings of the nose and on the T zone. This is where the sebaceous glands are most numerous and most productive in sebum.

The reasons for dilated pores are multiple: excess oil, oily skin, lack of cleansing, pollution, passing time, age, accumulated impurities… The pollution that causes blackheads and other imperfections is the number one enemy of our skin.


Do not confuse a dilated pore with a comedone. When the pore channels are well opened, the impurities will become lodged and fouled. The pore is then completely blocked and this gives a blackhead.



a) Cleaning and products

There are many causes that can explain the appearance of dilated pores. This may be due to poor skin cleansing, not meticulous enough. Or the use of comedogenic products that do not let the epidermis breathe. So goodbye to the over-covering makeup that clogs the pores of the skin.

b) Aging of the skin

Some causes of dilated pores are natural. Thus, with age, the skin loses its elasticity. This is a very common phenomenon after the thirties because the skin is less elastic while the sebaceous glands continue to produce sebum. The pore widens because the whole structure around it collapses.

c) External aggressions

Tobacco and UV are aggravating factors for pore dilation. The sun changes the structure of the skin by attacking collagen and elastin fibres. And it is the loss of elasticity of the skin that will create dilated pores.